Monday, 13 April 2015

Can't believe it was 2012 when I last posted on here. Oh well fashions come and go and I suppose this is out of fashion now. Anyway Marley is now 3 years old and regularly competing. He has qualified 3 times for National finals and this year we are actually going to go to one. He is still in G3 but this year will be his first proper season although looking at my calendar he is still doing mostly UKA. He has progressed to Senior Steeplechase & Novice Performance at UKA so not doing too badly.
Dylan is now running at Champ level for Performance and Steeplechase and is now G7 at KC (never thought that would happen but just goes to show what a great dog he is) He has competed in the Masters at UKA Grand Finals and in the Split Pairs -I just love running him, he is soo much fun.
Taz is now doing mainly anysize/casual.  He has gone lame several times so perhaps it is time for him to slow up and also I struggle to run 3 dogs at a competition,  you are being called here there and everywhere, I get myself in a flap and that does no - one any good.
I will try to keep this a little more up to date as it helps me to keep a little diary of how we are doing throughout the season.
Speak to you soon.

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